Frequently asked questions

What kinds of training do you offer?

Our training programs are designed for anyone looking to incorportate drones into their business or increase their current capabilities. For those that are new to drone opperations we offer Part 107 test prep and an advanced flight class designed to help familiarize participants with standard operating proceedures and best flight practices. For those who are considering adding Enterprise Drone capabilities, we offer customized training that will ensure operators are fully able to utilize the hardware and software capabilities that they've acquired. Training sessions can be conducted on-site or in our classroom. Please contact us for further details.

How can I customize my Enterprise Drone's capabilities?

We believe in providing drone based solutions, not just selling piecemeal products. Our team is dedicated to helping you develop a drone program that includes both the hardware and software best suited to your situation. We spend our time combing through developing and emerging technologies in the drone industry so that you don't have to sort out what will work from what could be a very expensive failed experiment.

How quickly can you repair my drone?

While we always strive to get our customers flying again as soon as possible, some repairs may take more time than others. If we have the parts in stock then same day repairs are possible. If we need to order items then we can discuss ways of expediting service depending on your needs.

Can you order any DJI Enterprise drone?

Yes! Just let us know what you're trying to do and we'll put together a solution customized to meet your needs.